Standartico is investments in ICO with the function cryptocurrency repayment

This is an escrow platform with ICO analysts that makes it possible to safely participate and easily organize ICOs

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is a platform with the decentralized smart escrow (guarantor) function for the participation and organize  ICOs. The smart escrow is a third party represented by a group of independent and authoritative experts that should be the guarantor of transparent distribution of funds after a successful ICO.
Investors use Standartico to transfer funds to projects. After the token sale has been successfully completed, the smart escrow mechanism starts automatically working in a smart contract. According to the roadmap and experts’ decisions, it transfers cryptocurrency to projects by tranches, and not in one amount. 
The decision about transferring a tranche is launched by a special algorithm of voting by independent experts.

We will help projects to obtain

Investment on a turn-key basis

We are ready to attract investments for your project

Decentralized escrow service

A group of independent experts acts as a decentralized escrow

ICO-platform software

We are ready to provide projects with a set of smart contracts, token accounting and the investor's personal account

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ICO market: growth and challenges

Market growth

In 2016, 46 projects held their ICOs. They managed to get investors’ support for more than $96 million. Waves happened to be one of the most successful ICO projects. It raised about $16.5 million. For the year (from December 2016 to December 2017), the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies had grown more than 30 times and reached over $433 billion. For example, if on December 8, 2016 you had bought Bitcoins in the amount of $8,000 and had sold them in a year, you would have earned more than $22,000. And if you had bought Ethereum, you would have earned above $140,000. In the first half of 2017, blockchain projects raised $797 million through ICOs, and only $235 million through the “traditional” venture investment. For the first three quarters of 2017, 201 ICO projects raised about $3 billion. The number of ICOs that failed to reach their goals is growing: in June 2017 it was 7% of projects, in August – 54%, and in September – 66%. The volume of the ICO market is rapidly growing: $300 million in 2016, and $3.5 billion in 2017.

ICO challenges

At the moment the ICO is a big trend. The rapid growth of investments that are raised through ICOs drew attention of swindlers, too. As a result, it affects the investors who transfer their money to fraudulent projects. Besides, investors lose confidence in ICO projects. Consequently, honest businessmen who find it more and more difficult to raise funds suffer, too. Our platform will help raise investments faster and easier. For investors we are the guarantor of the crypto assets repayment in case of the ICO organizers’ fraud.

How many ICOs can be thought to be a scam? About 95%. There are many reasons for this. Due to a lot of investments, the team loses its motivation, or the situation can be even worse – there is a conflict within the project. Some projects initially do not plan to implement ideas of their Whitepapers. It is possible to make a conclusion that only 5% of tokens are profitable. How easy is it to find a really promising investment project? This is the task many people think about. We want to simplify the search for promising projects for investors.

It becomes more and more difficult to successfully hold ICOs. The average expenses related to an ICO in June 2017 was $100 thousand, and in November - $500 thousand. 65% of those are the marketing expenses.

Due to this, we have realized that it was necessary to make it clear and provide guarantees on the ICO projects market.

How does it work?

1. Discussion of the project tasks and objectives

Description of the project Technical Specifications and peculiarities, development of a Commercial Offer

3. Publication of the project in our catalog

2. Buying and installation of the ICO platform

Completion of the project form, description of the roadmap

4. Starting the ICO and raising investments

Advantages for projects

Attraction of investors
We will increase proceeds from your ICO

Investor’s confidence
Your project will become more interesting for investments

Marketing and PR
Our platform will provide you with traffic of potential investors

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We are ready to show you the demo version of the platform, as well as to tell you about the main technical mistakes we saw in projects and smart contracts

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Advantages for investors

Cryptocurrency repayment
in case of the project scam

User-friendly interface
for investing in one or more projects

Our experts 
analyze and select the most promising ICO projects that have a quality token

Basic functions of Standartico

Catalog of promising ICOs

Today investments in ICOs are very risky because 95% of projects are scams. Nevertheless, there are about 5% of projects whose tokens are a really valuable investment. We will try to find really promising projects and add them to our platform.

Smart escrow

This is a third party represented by a group of independent experts that is the guarantor of the transparent distribution of funds after the ICO.

Escrow smart contract

This is a smart contract that guarantees the security of crypto assets. It records and stores:

Roadmap: terms, amounts and terms and conditions for each stage,

Form of the contract guarantor: 10-20 questions, including: terms, price and number of tokens sold through the platform.

Each startup creates its own smart contract. The smart contract refers to the voting results for each tranche the smart escrow provides.

If the Startup has been scammed, the rest of the cryptocurrency is repaid to investors through the smart contract.


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